Characters: Butterfly

Butterfly is not actually a butterfly, but was once what one might call a caterpillar. Both Butterfly and Caterpillar exist at the same time.

Butterfly loves wooded ravines and busy traffic on the Las Vegas Strip on hot summer days.

Insatiably curious, Butterfly once followed a winding stair for days. Drawn in turns by its mysterious shadows and then by faint streams of sunlight along its twists and turns, the quest yielded one new friend and a set of deep footprints that led to a shear drop.

Butterfly travels lightly on the earth—
not a stranger in a strange land,
but a wanderer at home in wandering…
though always, always, always seeking.

Butterfly is only vaguely aware of Caterpillar, and often wonders about the Sun, especially because there seems to be a possibility that the Sun harbors clues about a certain mysterious stone.

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