Characters: The Sun

Our sun has some things in common with yoursThe Sun doesn’t appear to have feelings, but that’s only because his feelings are so big. He doesn’t care about things the way we care about things. Whether you live or die matters to him in a different way.

He also sees things very, very differently. While to us, the universe is great, empty expanses interrupted only by distant star clusters and gaseous clouds, to him it is densely packed—a sensory circus of noisy, smelly, garish personalities and events.

He is actually a little more than a star—not simply a star. We may find out why over time, but not right now.

The Sun has once or twice flipped (or shifted) himself, so that the parts that were in Butterfly’s world slid into ours, and the parts in ours shifted out, to his.

Butterfly is just beginning to realize that the Sun of its world and the Sun of our world are at least partially one in the same.

The Sun has a terrible sense of timing and learned long ago to avoid making complicated plans. In fact, he prefers to live almost entirely in the moment.

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