Sun and Butterfly Create Elephant

Not long ago, Butterfly became curious about a solar storm and flew very close to the Sun for a better view. He withstood the intense heat of the Sun because, remember: Butterfly is not a butterfly. Not one of the Sun’s raging solar eddies could catch him, so he didn’t burn.

It so happened that the Sun noticed, although it didn’t see Butterfly as a butterfly. It saw artifacts—undulating imprints where its white-hot blasts were deflected.

Fascinated, the Sun turned more and more of its attention to Butterfly, who hovered and fluttered in awe and admiration.

With so much attention focused on them, the undulating artifacts began to act as a single lens. The billowing inferno aligned itself, converged to a point just beyond the center of the lens, and radiated outward again to the surface of the world.

Perfectly inverted, the storm was transformed, and Elephant alighted like a great, wingless bird onto the Spring savanna.

See a larger version of this drawing.


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