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Trampled Shrine

It had been an awful morning. Caterpillar had come around to check on her treasure and it was gone. It was gone, and the whole shrine was a shambles—torn to pieces. There were great gashes and pits in the earth. … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

The Sun was tired. Deep in its core, there was the sense of something tilting, falling, and a thunderous boom. Flames whirled and billowed wildly, like dust exploding from under a falling tree. Pinned to the void, the Sun heaved … Continue reading

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Characters: Elephant

Elephant was born out of an encounter between a Butterfly and the Sun. He is the only Elephant in the world, which seems desolate except for the occasional evidence that someone else has, in fact, been there before him. He … Continue reading

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The Hidden Side of the Little Stone

Elephant wandered in the late-afternoon woods and stopped at a little shaded pool for a drink of water. Later, he foraged some and found the very stone that Butterfly was exploring and Caterpillar was guarding. He pried it gently from … Continue reading

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