Characters: Elephant

ElephantElephant was born out of an encounter between a Butterfly and the Sun.

He is the only Elephant in the world, which seems desolate except for the occasional evidence that someone else has, in fact, been there before him.

He was two years old when he was born, and is very inquisitive—even a little mischievous. He loves to wander and explore, which has led to the discovery of many intriguing artifacts. He tries to leave these in notable places so he can find them again. In this way, and without realizing it, he’s been creating a bit of a disturbance in a world that had changed very little until he arrived.

He hears partly with his ears, but mostly with his feet, and he can hear really, really well. He knows what kind of tree he is near by the sound of a breeze in its leaves (its scent also helps, and he’s very good at that, too). He can hear the tiniest splash in the tiniest creek miles away, and the faintest lapping of water at the edge of a pool—quite useful when he’s thirsty.


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