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At the Sea

It was late in the afternoon, and cold. The mist was so thick I could barely see the looming granite outcrops that stood in a miles-long, irregular row. They were hunched against the waves, and one was just twenty feet … Continue reading

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Butterfly in Las Vegas

There are rules in Las Vegas: Assume that every situation is governed by rules, especially when there appear to be none. You are required to establish your own rules. You must decide when and how to abide by your rules. … Continue reading

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I Carefully Examined Every Little Stone I Could Find

My eyes were sore. There were, in fact, many very beautiful stones. Still, not one of them was my little stone—my moon-colored agate. I couldn’t give up. I searched in a tight, expanding spiral around and away from its empty … Continue reading

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Characters: The Policeman

The Policeman lives and works in Las Vegas. He rides a motorcycle and has never, ever been seen without his helmet. He has a brother and a sister who live in another city. He is the oldest, and the only … Continue reading

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