Characters: The Policeman

The PolicemanThe Policeman lives and works in Las Vegas. He rides a motorcycle and has never, ever been seen without his helmet.

He has a brother and a sister who live in another city. He is the oldest, and the only one adopted, but very close with his siblings. They have helped him search for his birth parents a number of times over the years, but without success.

He has three really good friends. Two of his friends are blackjack dealers. The third, his closest friend, is vice president of a multinational corporation.

He loves to play stick games, and has a collection of beautiful sticks he’s collected over many years. When he comes home at the end of a long day, he makes himself something to eat and then spreads his beautiful sticks out on the table. He picks up one or the other of them, remembering where he found it, or the person who gave it to him. Then he decides what stick game he’ll play. He can get so absorbed in his game, he won’t hear the door or the phone and will play until the quietest, coolest hours just before sunrise.

Still, no matter how late he goes to bed, he is always up and showered and eating breakfast well before he has to be at work. He takes his job very, very seriously.


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