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She faced the beast and the pale, distracted haze left her eyes. Her gaze was as shockingly clear as the beast’s first terrible pounce. Her clothes grew spikes and her fingernails became claws. Her teeth lengthened into knife-like fangs. There … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Wars

The bloody battles spread to three different worlds and leveled entire continents. Not one of Butterfly’s own friends survived. He saw each of them die over the course of the first eight years. Though it’s been a very long stretch … Continue reading

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She put the caterpillar to her mouth. It entered willingly, and she swallowed it whole. Almost immediately, her skin began to change. Dark specks appeared, and subtle seams like cracks in ice, as if those were the places her skin was … Continue reading

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The policeman quickly began to wonder whether his companions could even be trusted as guides. Though this world was faintly familiar, with wide panoramas and tiny details he knew he’d seen in nature magazines, it mostly wasn’t. To keep calm, … Continue reading

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Did I fall?

It’s got a desperate pulse. It’s beating furiously. It’s hard and cold and pale. It’s horrible. It’s so horrible, it’s beautiful.

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Sunrise, Autumn Equinox

The sun reached out to the tiny stone as if he had arms, and fed it to himself as if he had a mouth. He felt restored almost instantly, and the stone, of its own accord, made its way from … Continue reading

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Still no name for her

She inhabits every image. She is here right now—I can feel her. She’s the nervous flutter, the blur in the picture, the pressure on the sides, the dangerous weight above every family photo. She is the yearn and the choice … Continue reading

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Wandering, waiting

I am a stranger here, a poor fit for this place. But I’ve been here so long, I’ve found a kind of peace with that. I’ve even been known to flaunt it a little, this strangeness. I have a lot … Continue reading

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How long did I fall?

How far? This was not an abyss, which has sides and which, however deep or wide apart, still would have seemed to hold me inside itself. Here, there were no sides, nothing to suggest I may ever, ever be pressed … Continue reading

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The night sky over the savannah sparkled with a dense carpet of stars. Across them, a small, black shadow darted furiously, and traced a blazing path of startling constellations. It was a little owl, under moonlight the color of a … Continue reading

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