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The Fall

Once, the Sun was the subject of much celestial acclaim. Above all other suns, the citizens of the universe turned their clamor to this one, and for good reason. He was unique among stars in many ways—a fervent traveler, an … Continue reading

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The Missing Piece

The Sun was incapable of making plans. Whenever he tried, a dozen things went wrong. It was his poor sense of timing. He couldn’t see events through to their ends—how they might play out or conflict. As a result, he … Continue reading

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Butterfly’s Police Report

I found the policeman the very next time I went to Las Vegas. He was standing in front of a weary apartment building not far from the casino where we first met. Talking with a middle-aged woman in teeshirt and … Continue reading

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Trampled Shrine

It had been an awful morning. Caterpillar had come around to check on her treasure and it was gone. It was gone, and the whole shrine was a shambles—torn to pieces. There were great gashes and pits in the earth. … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

The Sun was tired. Deep in its core, there was the sense of something tilting, falling, and a thunderous boom. Flames whirled and billowed wildly, like dust exploding from under a falling tree. Pinned to the void, the Sun heaved … Continue reading

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Sun and Butterfly Create Elephant

Not long ago, Butterfly became curious about a solar storm and flew very close to the Sun for a better view. He withstood the intense heat of the Sun because, remember: Butterfly is not a butterfly. Not one of the … Continue reading

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